・Will Challenges and Defence
・Will and Trust Interpretation
・Dependant’s Support and Relief Claims
・Defence of Solicitor’s Negligence
・Passings of Accounts


・Compensation – Trustee Disputes
・Removal – Trustee Disputes

Commercial and Development

・Estate Administration
・Trustee and Attorney Obligations
・Guardianships – Capacity Disputes
・Alternative Dispute Resolution
・Variations of Trusts

Residential Private Mortgages

  • Drafting all documentation required to create a valid mortgage registered on title

  • Advising lenders on the drafting and negotiation of commitment agreements

  • Negotiating creative strategies to complete transactions

  • Dealing with problematic issues including; prior collateral charges, CRA liens, work orders, residential leases, off-title owners, guarantors, purchase-mortgages with prior encumbrances etc

Construction Mortgages

  • Ensuring sufficient documentation is prepared to enable the lender to take-over the project on enforcement if necessary

  • Ensuring compliance with the Construction Lien Act

  • Dealing with lien claimants before and after closing

  • Advising on holdbacks under the Act, priority issues, and other pitfalls

Commercial & Development Mortgages

  • Advising on prior leasehold interests

  • Determining future development use when required

  • Determining issues such as access, zoning, ensuring environmental compliance etc.

  • Drafting and completing general security agreements, PPSA, Assignment’s or Rents

Compliance & Regulatory Issues

  • Advising on the Mortgage Brokers Act

  • Reviewing compliance issues with FSCO

  • Structuring MIC’s to ensure compliance with Securities Act

  • Ensuring your mortgage for compliance with the Interest Act

  • Advising on compliance with the Mortgages Act